The Hitchcock Difference

Many investment firms will tell you they're different; few of them can live up to that claim.  At the Hitchcock Investment Group, what sets us apart is our highly-personalized approach, combined with deep market intelligence and independent thinking when it comes to making the right investment decisions.

A vision for personalized investing.

Back in 2002, when the Hitchcock Investment Group was founded, we had one goal; to provide personal investment planning that was typically reserved for high-net-worth individuals. Fifteen years later, we have over $1 billion under management and have been recognized as a NABCAP Premier Advisor in the San Francisco Bay Area 2008 and 2012. As a wealth management team, our client roster reflects the diversity of the Bay Area and beyond and includes individual investors in both private and public sectors, retirees, as well as charitable organizations and corporate 401k plans. It's this mix of strategic planning and capital markets expertise that sets us apart: that and our commitment to providing our clients with a thoroughly personal investment experience.

In-house portfolio management.

While some investment firms outsource their portfolio management or solely rely on algorithms to make their investment decisions, at the Hitchcock Investment Group the buck stops with us. We believe that keeping our portfolio management in-house also allows us better visibility into how our investments are performing and gives our portfolio manager the flexibility to course-correct strategy depending on the markets and shift our investments to better-performing sectors.

Market Intelligence. Independent thinking.

As part of Wells Fargo Advisors, we have access to deep and timely market intelligence that helps shape our investment strategy. But like any smart investor, we like to diversify. We gather intelligence from multiple data sources before making any major investment decision. It's this intelligence gathering combined with our market experience that gives the Hitchcock Investment Group a clear edge and offers more independent thinking when it comes to making investment decisions based on analysis and not on the latest news headlines or the market's daily fluctuations.

An unparalleled client experience.

Meeting with one of our financial advisors, you'll be making some of life's most important financial decisions. That's why, at the Hitchcock Investment Group, everything we do is grounded in providing our clients with a more personalized experience than most investment firms. We call this our "ABC" Approach.

Active Portfolio Management    Bespoke Investment Planning   Consistent Communication

Whether it's liaising with one of our highly-trained support staff or strategizing your investor roadmap with one of our advisors, we're committed to a level of customer service that we believe is unparalleled in the financial industry.


NABCAP Premier Advisor: Ranking and evaluation is performed by an independent third-party assessment based on 20 categories of practice management; including experience, education, cost and investment planning. Participants are objectively compared and evaluated numerically. A minimum score must be attained for a practice to be considered for the final list, Winners are listed in alphabetical order.There is no cost for advisors to participate. The rating is not representative of any one client's experience and is not indicative of past or future investment performance.