The ABC of Investing

 Plan smart. Manage strategically. Course-correct often.

Creating a successful investor roadmap begins with understanding your
financial goals, crafting a plan to get you there and making adjustments along the way.

We call this the "ABC" Approach.

A dynamic and strategic investment approach with hands-on portfolio management combined with a robust review process that sets us apart from other investment firms.

Active Portfolio Management

Correctly managing your portfolio takes more than just investment intelligence and reading the markets, it takes decades of experience and the foresight to look beyond the headline news. By keeping our portfolio management in-house, we can quickly react to shifting markets or maintain our position when a blip occurs. Markets ebb and flow, investments rise and fall, but our focus remains fixed on making the right decisions for your individualized investment plan.

Bespoke Investment Planning

People define "bespoke" in different ways; at the Hitchcock Investment Group we define it as:
a custom-made investment plan tailored to your individual needs.
It's not just a buzzword,
it's the philosophy that drives our whole investment strategy.
 Your retirement might be just around the corner or maybe you're just starting your first job, getting married, or buying your first home. You might be investment-savvy and like to self-direct or maybe you're new to the markets. No matter your level of comfort or understanding of investing, we take the time to listen to what your personal goals are, then help craft a roadmap to get you there. This roadmap is called your Envision Plan. Sitting down with your advisor, you'll both work to craft an investment blueprint that's unique to you.  The Envision planning process is a powerful and sophisticated simulation tool that helps map out a realistic course for your future years. You can find out more information about our Envision Plan on our client experience page.

Consistent Communication

Your Envision Plan is just the start of your investment journey. Along the way, life happens and your benchmarks may change. When they do, we're right there with you. By scheduling regular review meetings with our clients, we find out quickly if their circumstances have changed or if their goals have shifted. This dynamic course-correction is built into our Envision process and ensures we can make changes to your strategy quickly and before they impact the success of your investor roadmap.