Patrick Hitchcock

“My role as PIM Portfolio Manager is to understand the fundamentals of the current market and place more of your assets where I think they are best positioned.”
Patrick J. Hitchcock
Managing Director-Investments
PIM Portfolio Manager
As the Private Investment Management (PIM) Portfolio Manager for the Hitchcock Investment Group, Patrick's focus is on identifying and analyzing the most appropriate investments for our clients. From the day-to-day management of client portfolios to conducting quarterly reviews, Patrick's hands-on approach has won him several industry accolades in his 25-year career. A stint with the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, where he worked alongside some of the world's greatest economists, gave him a keen understanding of economics and an appreciation of risk management. Patrick's vision of a personalized investment strategy for all our clients has been at the core of the Hitchcock Investment Group's philosophy and made it one of the Bay Area's most respected wealth management firms.
What professional accomplishments are you most proud of?
- Former President, San Francisco Economic Round Table.” Premier Advisor 2010-2017; 25th year as an FA. Active member of the Olympic Club's Investment Committee.
What personal accomplishments are you most proud of?
-Married for 28 years; father of two; born and raised in California.
What do you love to do outside of work?
-Spend time with family; golf; squash; running; cooking; wine; avid reader of history/biographies.
Rock, jazz and opera fan.
What would you be doing if you weren't at the Hitchcock Investment Group?
-More of the above!
What quality of yours makes you best suited to do what you do?
-Good listener.
Career Highlights
-25 years as an FA; 23 years at the same firm.
Education and accreditations
-BA, 1988 (University of San Francisco); MSC, 1989 (London School of Economics and Political Science).

The Premier Advisors designation is held by a select group of Financial Advisors within Wells Fargo Advisors as measured by business production, completion of educational components and professionalism.